Three new stove designs were designed to improve the efficiency, manufacturing and quality of the existing stove. Building on initial research the team focused on duel fuel use and increasing the manufacturing quality so user can be proud of ‘made in Mozambique’. In this section three initial designs are presented.

Design 1: Improved Stove

  • Increased air vent to allow for emptying and cleaning
  • Outer collar to vary the air flow in the vent
  • Stamp designed for branding – embossed on the product
  • Aluminium templates designed for each part to ensure they are all the same size
  • Improved joining method for top and bottom half – tabs have been created to improve

Design 2: Duel Fuel

  • An electric coil can be retro fitted to any improved stove
  • Users can cook with charcoal or electric using one stove
  • Encourage users to cook with electric inside and charcoal outside.

Design 3: Twin stove and duel fuel

  • Twin stoves allows for two pots to be used at one time
  • Shares heat to improve the cooking of both pots
  • Reduces cost of manufacture (relative to buying two separate stoves)
  • Option for duel fuel with coils