Project Background

Sustainable energy access is a challenge in Mozambique, currently only 4.29% of people have access to clean fuels, and in cities, people rely mainly on charcoal for cooking. However, the lack of available cook stove models means that charcoal cook stoves are of low quality, low efficiency, and produce a lot of air pollution (for those cooking indoors impacts may be unbearable). This project builds on the research carried out by Professor Vanesa Castan Broto and aims to develop new cook stoves which are co designed with locals in Mozambique.

User Insights

A user–centred design study in Maputo was conducted by project researchers. This involved documenting current cook stoves and cooking practices.

Data collection: 2x Interviews with AVSI staff, 2 x interview with cook stove salesmen, 2 x visits to cook stove manufactures, 6 x interviews with users

Design Concepts

Design 1 - Improved Stove

Design 2 - Duel Fuel

Design 3 - Twin Stove

Academic Partners and Collaborators

Project funded by Royal Academy of Engineering – Frontiers of Engineering for Development